Summer Film Camp in Ystad, Sweden! LO

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We are interested in bringing together international artists, develop the craft of acting and build cultural networks for future projects.

That´s why we created a Film Summer Camp in Ystad from 7th-13th August 2017.

For one week, between 10:00-18:00, we work on our craft, we dance, we play, we improvise, we work on scenes and we film them. All the scenes will be put on DVD for the actors.

On Saturday the German casting director Iris Baumüller( and the Swedish casting director Tusse Lande ( )will come to our workshop and watch all scenes. They will also give interviews about their works. They love to meet international actors and to give them new opportunities.

The whole Workshop costs only 399,-€ excluding travel and accommodation. It´s a starter price because it´s for the very first time.

Maybe some of your clients are interested in working on their craft together with German actors and to meet international working casting directors?

It would be a great pleasure to have some of your actresses and actors in this 1st Film Summer Camp in Ystad.

For more information please contact please send us an email.


With kind regards,


(actor, coach and founder of the Film Acting Academy Cologne